Empty Space In My Heart

There is an empty space in my heart,
A space that was once filled with you,
Memories upon memories,
Years upon years,
Days upon days,
Everything from love to friendship,
Being there through the thick and thin,
We have had our disagreements,
We have had our different opinions,
But it never truly came down to this,
Where I felt there was no hope,
No way to find a way back,
To any fragment of anything again,
There is an empty space in my heart,
The space that was once filled with you,
The one that seems to be there numb,
Deep and penetrating,
But I can’t seem to cry the tears I want to cry,
I can’t seem to express the emotions I want to express,
I can’t seem to feel anything,
It is like a piece of me is gone,
Torn apart from me,
You might think it is so easy,
To make a decision to take this stand,
To think it is something so simple,
Something not complex,
Something that is not profound,
You believe that just because I cannot support you,
The way that you wish,
That I do not care for you,
That we are not the best friends,
Or the family that you think,
Family loves no matter how they support,
Even if it not always the way that we want,
Sometimes we cannot control these things,
As long as there is love,
You said it took you time to process and think,
But you sent an email instead of even talking to me,
Out of all the years of knowing it has come down to this,
There is a space in my heart,
An empty space that is within,
Deep that is part of me,
A space that seems to be so numb,
So lost,
So not knowing,
So not being able to comprehend,
What has happened,
And why,
And why there have been attacks,
Of my life of the past,
Since this has happened,
But perhaps I will never know,
Why I am standing here without you,
Why I am here with this hole,
And although I have more love I could ever know,
From a wonderful husband that loves me deeply,
There will be a spot in my heart,
For a little while,
That will be empty for a while,
Wondering where you are,
Wondering why you are not here,
Wondering when the emotions will flood,
The very depth and corners of my mind,
My heart,
My soul,
And crash on down,
Until I cannot cry anymore,
And let it go,
Until the space can be filled as I let you go.
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