I'm Thankful For Wonderful Blessings

I’m thankful for the wonderful blessings,
That I have received each and every day,
The wonderful love of my husband,
Someone who adores me,
Someone who loves me,
Someone who is protective of me,
Someone who cares about everything in my life,
I’m thankful for the love from above,
That everlasting glorious love from God,
The one through His grace saved me,
And the one that through His grace found me,
Helped me find a way to forgive,
Helped me find peace within,
Helped me gain wisdom,
And release all the pains and hurts within,
And heals me through marvelous ways,
I’m thankful that He led me to my husband,
And orchestrated the plan that would bring us together,
And given us guidance and love,
And gives us numerous blessings every day,
Leading us to the beauty of oneness,
Leading us on our journey in our lives,
Through our marriage and relationship,
Through the blessings that will come,
Through the hard and good times,
I’m thankful for forgiveness,
And being forgiven of my sins,
And being able to forgive things from my past,
And being able to fully let things go,
More than I could have ever done alone,
Because through Him he makes it all possible,
To let forgiveness come into our hearts and minds,
And give us the peace from the emotions and turmoil,
I’m thankful for the future that can come,
From putting Him in the center of our marriage,
And the blessings that will come soon,
That I feel in my heart and soul,
And that God still answers prayers,
When you petition strong to Him,
And that He will never fail,
And that there is always light,
When you just keep your faith in Him,
And I’m thankful every day for my friends,
Those I consider family,
And for the growing love for my husband,
And that I was able to find true love,
Through all the turmoil of my life,
And that even with the pain issues,
And the health issues I might have,
That I am still here every day that He gives me,
And that I can wake up next to my husband,
And be thankful for another day with him.
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