We Stand For

We stand for unity of woman and man,
The unity of the oneness God brings together,
The joy and blessing,
The happiness and love,
The using of our sexual desires in a positive way in our marriages,
Giving of our lives within our marriage,
Giving our hearts to one person forever,
Growing in the spirit together,
Growing in love together,
Growing within each other’s hearts,
We stand for unselfishness within the marriage bond,
We stand for the blessing of God within this bond,
We stand for the way God leads the family,
As Him the head of the family,
As Him the center of the home,
As Him the center of our hearts,
We stand for chastity not because of being old fashion,
But to give fully to our spouse completely,
To be able to unite completely,
In the spirit,
In the flesh,
In the love,
In the joy,
That can happen only fully in the design,
God built from the very beginning of humanity,
We stand for the positive of God’s love,
Of His blessing that He gives us,
His rules are meant to guide us,
His rules are meant to bless us,
And we want to stand and be blessed by Him,
Our joy is to serve Him,
Our happiness is found within Him,
And peace is found in His will,
We stand for these things that are true,
The type of life to be blessed always by Him,
We want to show the world that His plan,
That His plan for Human Sexuality still works,
That it is still just,
That it is still right,
Even if it has been hurt and torn apart,
By those that have taken it lightly in the world today,
Because God forgives and gives grace,
And because God wants to bless and still promotes,
The relationship He put together from the beginning,
When He created Adam and Eve,
And brought them together as man and wife,
That it still is the picture to strive for today,
And that it can still be richly blessed even with sin in this world,
That is trying to turn all good into evil,
We can still work to strive to the blessing,
God desires for us all,
And stand for the union of man and woman,
And of one flesh that comes from that blessing.
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