What Do Your Words Prove

You can post cutting words,
You can post things from my past,
You can try to write things of my life,
You can say whatever you wish,
It isn’t the first time,
It won’t be the last,
I have been through adversity,
I know this route,
I know this life,
I been here before,
I have been through hurts before,
I have been where people turn their backs from me,
It’s nothing new,
It’s nothing that I haven’t been through before,
If you think you are going to get a response,
Other than these words you are wrong,
I am not the person I was before,
I have realized it isn’t worth the time,
Or the worry,
Or the energy,
I rather just remove the words,
Remove the cutting words,
Removes those things from my past,
Because past is past,
Life has gone on,
I am not perfect,
I never have been,
But at least I will own up to it,
At least I have admitted to my wrongs,
At least I have been forgiven,
Because I came before God,
Once you have repented,
Those sins and mistakes of yesterday,
Are washed away,
Sure, the pain is still there sometimes,
But I have been healing from that too,
Those words cannot cut me,
The way they have before,
Those words cannot hurt me,
The way they have in times before,
So keep on trying if you wish,
But what does it solve?
What does it accomplish?
Tell me this?
What does it say when you do these things?
Calling someone names?
Trying to cut them by words?
Saying things from the past?
Does it really prove anything?
All it proves is that you use the words,
But you don’t use the words with true power,
So next time instead of taking the time,
Of trying to cut someone down,
Or bringing up their past,
How about actually learning the story?
Instead of assuming,
What one’s life was or is
All about?
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