God Has Truly Blessed Me

God has truly blessed me in every part of my life,
Even before I knew him, He has protected me,
Even through my darkest and deepest sins,
He has given me forgiveness; He has given me hope,
He has given me truth, He has poured out the things I have lost,
To a better and bigger picture,
I still have a long way to go,
I still have many lessons to learn,
I still need to keep walking in faith every day,
I am grateful to Him for providing for my needs,
And the needs of my husband,
And the needs of many others I care about,
He gave me a caring husband,
Who is there for me every step of the way,
Who has become my best friend,
And someone I know I can count on,
He gave me peace when I lost some friends,
Due to walking and wanting to please Him,
It has not always been easy,
Dealing with health issues and losing friends,
But He gives me the strength to face each day,
And He helps me encourage others, who need Him,
And He gives me everything I could ever need and more,
I am so truly blessed,
Because with Him I do have everything,
Even when there is hardship,
Even when there is pain,
Because He gives you all that you need and more,
As long as you keep your faith in Him,
And keep your trust in Him,
And follow Him daily,
You can became truly blessed,
As I have because of Jesus’ love.
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