Many people may say there can be no perfection,
That nothing can be truly mistake free,
That there is no way, but I can’t believe them,
There might be hard times in life,
There is bad as well as good,
My life might not be perfect to those that might see,
Dealing with hardship,
Dealing with times of questioning,
Dealing with uncertainty,
But no matter what might be thrown in my way,
No matter what I may deal with,
No matter what tests might come into my path,
There is still perfection in my life,
Because I have two important things in my life,
That makes everything all right,
I have the faith in God,
And although there are days of hardship,
And times that literally bring me down to my knees,
Times of wondering why,
I still believe every day that He is there for me,
That no matter what I might go through,
He knows what I can handle with His strength,
And thanks to His wonderful blesses He has bestowed,
He gave me my wonderful Troy,
Who stands by my side,
And every moment I am with him,
And every moment I spend,
And every time I smile,
It is because of the perfection of having him,
Someone who gives me more than I could ever ask,
Someone who loves me fully,
Through all our life tests,
Even if every day cannot always be perfect,
It is perfection for me,
Because as long as I have them both,
I know my life is truly and fully complete,
My husband is my love always,
And my God is my eternity,
Perfection through God’s gifts,
Of His love,
Of His grace,
Of His mercy,
And of His giving of my husband,
To hold me through every part of my life,
And that is why no matter what may go on,
No matter what may come my way,
I have perfection every day,
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