We Promised

We promised those many years ago to never forget,
But it seems that we cannot keep that promise yet,
We go about our daily lives,
And do we even remember our history and those lives?
Do we remember to thank those that brought our freedom?
Do we remember every moment those who lost have gone through?
Do we remember what truly blesses this nation?
Do we not just fight those that come to hurt us,
But to give love to every person around us?
To show courageous love and stand for truth?
To remember the blessings we do have today,
Even with remembering this deep hurt of our world than,
And the deep hurt our world is dealing with now,
There is still so much we need to do,
In order to give true legacy to those who were lost,
Those that helped others,
Were there for others,
That was important to others,
And to those that were spared,
We promised so many years ago,
But now today we need to make good on those promises,
Not only to not forget the events had that happened,
But what needs to still be done right now today,
We need to build from this hurt,
We need to find a way past,
We need to believe in Him again,
And ask Him to protect us the way before,
We need to remember our foundation,
And how that makes us strong to stand,
We need to remember the love that is given,
To us every day when we know Him,
Let us take our freedom back,
Let us believe in Truth again,
Let us find that we need Him,
And that with that He will bless us,
And raise us up through these hurts,
And our lives every day,
So let us Praise Him,
Let us worship Him,
Let us believe in His promises,
Let us know that He can bring us together again.
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