God's Beauty

Under the beautiful light of the full moon,
The stars shine at their fullest,
As God’s beauty comes into view,
Many look up not realizing,
Not seeing the truth,
Not really seeing,
Or comprehending,
That He is above us all,
And that we are to praise Him,
And honor Him every day of our lives,
When we look at the beauty around us,
Do we remember to be thankful?
Do we remember to be grateful?
When we look up to the sun,
The flowers around us,
And we look toward others,
Do we remember that they hurt,
That they deal with hardships,
That they have forgotten or haven’t known,
The beauty and grace of God,
As we have,
We need to keep looking deeper than we are,
We need to keep remembering there are many lost,
We need to keep on reaching towards those that need it,
We need to keep believing in Him,
When we look around,
Do we see God’s beauty?
Do we see the truth?
We need to look continuously out there,
And embrace the love to others,
And embrace and give people true peace,
Give them true hope,
And let them know of love beyond,
Anything they could have imagined before.
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