Your Life Matches With Mine

Your heart matches with mine,
It keeps in tune with every moment,
It brings out the best of me,
Than I could have ever gotten before,
You gave me hope from the moment,
I looked into your eyes,
There was something different about you,
And your eyes showed me a better world,
Your love envelops every bit of me,
Reaches down into every emotion within my heart,
Your love matches with mine,
It beats in tune with mine,
It gives me hope every day,
It gives me beauty,
It gives me something to be thankful of,
Every day and moment of our lives,
Every second of the beauty of our love,
Your spirit matches with mine,
We believe in the Lord,
We look toward Him,
We give our lives to Him,
We let Him guide our path,
We let Him guide our marriage,
Your life matches with mine,
You’re never ending support,
You’re never ending love,
You’re blessings to me every day,
I know my heart and your heart,
Has melded into one,
And the love grows every moment,
As our lives match together here and now,
And to the future of our lives together.
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