Marriage Is More Than

Marriage is more than a piece of paper,
It is more than what we have been putting stock into,
It is more than the casual encounter,
And it means more than just being one,
It is God centered and God given relationship,
It takes two people and builds them into one,
It puts security into the relationship,
It gives a building of trust and love,
And puts worth in what we do within it,
If we go back to where it truly is,
God built it to be man and woman,
Although we have never been perfect,
Since our fall from grace,
God sets the standard for us to live,
It is our privilege to serve Him,
And it is our own good to follow His ways,
People say that due to things in His word,
About how certain people treated marriage,
That it is not truly the standard of man and woman,
But they do not realize that He uses all of us,
Every single one of us,
And we have all sinned,
Even those that had a heart to God,
Were not perfect to His standard,
And some due to the times of that age,
Just wanted to protect those they knew of women,
Women were treated worse than we know,
Marriage is more than a piece of paper,
It is special and unique,
Even if some of us have been divorced,
We can still strive to His goal with our lives,
Once we come to Him we are forgiven,
Of all sins past, present, and future,
We need to be strong in this,
We need to put our marriages back to Him,
We need to take back what marriage is,
What the truth of marriage is,
And what the truth of what the bond is,
We need to give God every marriage,
And then we will see a change,
We would see it not treated so lightly,
And we would see more happiness and joy,
We would see less jokes and hurtfulness,
We would see the truth behind these words,
Marriage is more than a piece of paper,
It is more than just a signing of names,
It is more than just a ceremony,
There are more things that two people go through,
It is a commitment,
It is a bond of two to become one,
It is where physical is safe from everything else,
No relationship outside of marriage,
Can truly compare,
If we change our thinking again,
To what our generations before,
We can see that marriage is more than a piece of paper,
It is more than just small things,
We need to get back to where,
We join commitment with what is true,
And not just date without the promise,
Of what marriage is more than.
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