The Lord Called You Home

The cancer took over your body,
You did all you could to fight,
You tried to be strong for everyone,
Because that is how you are,
You were always there for everyone,
Always cheering people up,
Always making time for everyone,
Always being a source of strength,
You were one of a kind,
You considered yourself a nut,
Someone who was silly and fun,
But you were always something more,
You were a person that cared for others,
You showed love to every person that you met,
Rather it be online or in person,
You cared about your family,
And you cared about our country,
You knew the Lord,
And prayed often for others,
God had another plan for you,
Than what we might have wanted,
We might not know why you were taken from us,
Too soon it seems for us all,
I know though the pain is gone from you,
And no longer do you have to fight,
You no longer have to feel sad,
Because you knew what your loved ones,
Were going through while you were sick,
So the cancer took over your body,
And you gave up the fight,
You let God take you Home,
To heaven where you will no longer hurt,
You knew it was not going to be easy,
For all those that were to be left without you,
But you knew this was the time,
And you went home to Heaven,
But you will always be remembered,
You will always be honored,
And you will always be loved,
I am going to miss you my brother,
Even though I never got to meet you in person,
I know when I come to heaven,
We will finally be able to know each other,
Even more than we did here,
But I know it won’t be easy,
Even with knowing this,
Because I will miss your laughter,
And the kindness that you shared,
But I am glad that the pain is no longer,
And that you are at peace my friend,
Goodbye for now,
I know it won’t be goodbye forever,
Even with my heart aching,
And it being heavy,
I rejoice and honor you for the rest of my days,
That I have here in this world,
Knowing that I knew a person like you,
And that I will see you again.
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