Strength Is More Than

Strength is more than being strong,
More than having no fear,
More than not being weak,
It is about being strong in character,
Strong in heart,
Strong in inner beauty,
Strong in the wisdom granted to us,
Strong in knowing your weak points,
And not being afraid on letting them show,
Strength is more than feeling you have it all,
It is about letting others know that you don’t,
That you have your faults,
That you have your problems,
That you aren’t perfect,
But you are perfect in Him,
And that He is your strength,
He is the one that truly gives what you have,
That you are content in giving Him everything,
Giving Him your life,
Knowing that He knows better than we do,
Strength is knowing our own limitations,
And realizing that we don’t know it all,
That we have been lost in trying,
To go our own way,
By relaying on our own strength,
That only disappoints and leaves us longing,
Strength is more than what we feel,
Or what we perceive as strength,
It is being able to stand in a storm,
Hold on in each trial,
Keep going through each tribulation,
Knowing that the strength we are given,
Is given from above,
And that true strength comes in believing,
Believing in Him,
The one that is true to His word,
When the rest of the world is not,
The one who has given us everything,
And more than we could ever hope,
Because He gave us someone to be strong in
To be strong within His son Christ.
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