Before The Lord

In the past of my life,
Before I came to the Lord,
Before I found forgiveness,
Before realizing truly that I needed forgiveness,
Before realizing the pain and the hurt,
Before realizing that I couldn’t do it anymore,
Couldn’t keep going through my life,
My life the way that I had,
Believing that I knew all the answers,
Or knew the solution to every problem,
In the past of my life,
I choose things that were not the best,
I made decisions that I have regretted,
I lived my life to my own principles,
And through it all,
Through those decisions,
I reaped truly what I sowed,
There were many heart breaks,
There were many broken dreams,
And I didn’t know how to truly handle it,
And kept feeling someone else could fill,
What only the Lord could truly fill,
I followed the footsteps,
Of people around me,
Those people who were close friends,
The ones that I counted on,
My family was never close,
And there was a path for me to follow,
There was not a knocking on my heart,
As I had no one to really show me His love,
I knew of Him,
Or at least I thought,
But until I finally came to Him,
When I laid my life in His hands,
And realized that my life was nothing without Him,
Now I know Him as my Lord,
As my Savior,
As the one who came to adopt me into His own,
That knew me before I even came to Him,
Before I even was born,
And knew my life choices,
He didn’t push Himself on me,
No, I had to find Him on my own,
And when I came to Him,
It seemed that the past was another life,
That those days were someone else’s,
That my life wasn’t even mine before,
I was lost,
Lost more than I could ever realize,
In that past before the Lord,
But now I have a better hold,
And now I feel more secure,
Because now I know I can rest in Him,
And that He will always carry me through,
And through any other troubles,
Or tribulations,
No matter what I go through,
He will stand with me,
He will never forsake me,
And I know the strength of my Lord.
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