My Last Gift to You

I never stood up for you,
Not the way people should,
I never stood by your side,
Not the way that I should have,
I didn’t even know why,
I let things rip apart,
I let things crumble down,
I let things get to the point,
The point it was by the time it was over,
When both of us were heart broken,
And pieces laid all around,
When it destroyed who we were,
And what we were to each other,
I had so much bitterness,
So much pain and sorrow,
I never really understood,
Like I understand now,
I let others in between us,
I made many mistakes,
And focused on your faults,
I let our life become something,
That we never wanted,
We retreated to everything else,
Everything that wasn’t us,
We blamed each other,
Blamed the emotions,
Blamed the situation,
Instead of working it out together,
Instead of being the team,
The team we were supposed to be,
Time has passed now,
Moments have come and gone,
Bitterness has faded,
Heart has healed,
He has given me perspective,
He has healed me from each moment,
He forgave me of those sins,
And the hurts have disappeared,
And the weight has lessened,
I have come to God,
Something which in a way is funny,
As it was something you had pushed,
And at that time I wasn’t ready,
I had to come to Him on my own,
Through my own sense of needing,
And He has given me these tools,
And healed me from those things,
And now I give that gift to you,
This last gift I could ever give,
I forgive you for your portion,
And I know I can’t ask forgiveness from you,
That time has set in the past,
But at least I have His forgiveness,
All I know and feel,
All I have come to now,
I realize that my last gift,
Is to let you know I am sorry,
That things happened the way it did,
And I hope by God’s grace you are happy,
And I pray that you have found peace,
And that you are healed,
Healed from those pains I put on,
Healed by God,
And able to stand in strength again.
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