Forgiveness Is More Than

Forgiveness is more than just letting go,
Of those emotions that are in the depth of your heart,
It is more than just giving room to positive emotions,
Instead of the negative ones that come from not forgiving,
It is more than letting it depart from your life,
It is more than changing your focus from one thing to another,
It is changing what you want to feel,
To what you should feel,
And to follow Him,
And to treat others as He has,
And to give forgiveness as He has,
Forgiveness is more than the act of forgiving,
It is something that goes into the depth of your heart,
And the depth of your soul,
And the emotions within everything,
And to not let what you feel control your actions,
And to continue to be strong because of Him,
Because any of our strength comes from Him,
And we find our forgiveness through Him,
Because He forgave us,
And we are bound with his Holy Spirit,
Forgiveness is more than just healing,
It is standing in the present,
Letting go of the past,
Giving up the pain and heartache,
And gaining peace and joy,
Taking away what is harming us,
In the depth of our soul and heart,
When we keep building up the resentment,
And the hurt from not forgiving,
You don’t have to forget,
The Lord will help you with that,
But once the words have been uttered,
A freedom is felt immediately,
As the weight leaves you,
And the emotional hurt deserts you,
And you realize the truth,
That forgiving is not really always for that other person,
It is for you,
And it is to give you something you needed,
And it is to give you something to be taught,
And you become a stronger person,
And you learn to praise even more,
Realizing that forgiveness is more than just letting go,
Letting go of the hurt and pain,
Letting go of the feelings and emotions,
Letting go of the control,
That no forgiving puts on you,
And frees your heart and soul,
And raises you up to another level,
On how you learn to trust the Lord,
And have faith in Him on what he says,
Knowing He knows better than us.
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