Praying to Him

Every day people are praying,
They are doing more than knocking on wood,
They are putting faith and hope,
Together as one to make a situation happen,
To our Father’s will,
We are praying for God to intervene,
To put His actions,
And His word together,
To show not only us,
But the world He created,
That He truly is who He is,
People are speaking His word to others,
Praying for changes in people’s hearts,
Praying for our country,
Praying for our world,
To turn fully to Him,
We don’t want to knock on wood,
We don’t want to leave it to chance,
We don’t want to hope something will happen,
We with the power of prayer,
Give God all the power and glory,
To make our situation happen,
According to His will,
Praying for each aspect of our lives,
And those of our friends,
And those of our neighbors,
And to those we don’t even know,
Every day people are praying,
Praying for strength,
Praying for wisdom,
Praying for hope,
Praying for saving faith for those we love,
But doesn’t know Him,
We knock on the power of His love,
The power of His word,
The power of His Holiness,
And that is why every day we are praying,
Praying for the Lord,
To show that we don’t have to knock on wood,
All we have to do is continue to pray,
And with the power of God,
Things can and will happen,
As long as it is to the glory of Him.
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