A New Chapter

My life began a new chapter,
The day that you came into my life,
Everything seemed brighter and more beautiful,
Rain clouds seemed to vanish from sight,
There was no wind that could be found,
The cloudy rainy bleak days before you,
Was replaced when you walked into my life,
I thought love wrote me off,
Ended the song and dance that I believed in,
Told me that there was no more,
That there was no more to be found,
Going through the darkness that never seemed to end,
I was caught up in that hazy grey dew of morning,
When you came into my life,
I was close to giving up love,
Just to be happy where I was,
To forget about love as it forgot me,
But then you started brightening my life,
Writing a new chapter in love like never before,
I had dealt with everything and anything love had given me,
Through the hardships and trials,
The tribulations and the heartaches,
I had been let down so many times before,
I wasn’t sure if I could pick up my heart again,
But then you stood there,
And I decided to try one more time,
I took your hand,
Not sure where love was leading me this time,
Unsure about this new adventure of my life,
As a chapter started anew,
I walked with weariness,
So tired of the pain and hurt,
I thought I would always believe in love,
But it was starting to disappoint me too much,
But I should have known better,
Love was going to change me inside and out,
It was going to put me through a different trial and test,
And it was starting me on a whole new path,
A whole new part of my story,
Love had something else in store,
Than for me to give up after so long,
It was going to bring me a new chapter,
Not just for someone to love me,
But to lead me to true faith,
To a love that never leaves me,
That never forsakes me,
That holds me through my days,
It lead me to God,
Through the not expecting life change,
That being with you was going to have,
A new chapter began,
When you walked into my life,
Changing my life forever,
Not just for the here and now,
But for all eternity,
And it started when I looked,
I looked into your eyes.
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