The True Thief

Before you know it you start to fall,
Fall down from everything that you know,
Everything is passing away in front of you,
As you lose all things of value,
Your life is a fragment of emptiness,
Joy is nowhere to be seen,
And happiness left before that,
And love disappeared as you choose,
Choose something over what was forever,
Before you know it,
It starts taking over,
Taking over your whole life,
Where you don’t know up or down,
And you dig deeper and deeper,
Deeper into the depth of it,
Wanting another because the last didn’t satisfy you,
Before you know it everything is gone,
The family that you had,
The friends you were close to,
All you have now is superficial friendships,
Superficial bliss,
Superficial happiness,
And the moment you feel off of it,
You take another stab of it again,
You lean to your own understanding,
You believe that you control your life,
But you do not see how it is stealing everything,
Those actions that you do,
Stealing true joy and happiness,
Taking away your own very life,
It comes into your life,
Pretending that it is your friend,
Pretending that you need this more,
Need this more than the blessings you were given,
You are bound by chains,
Yet you do not see it,
Your eyes are blind,
You don’t want to believe,
You better change before it’s too late,
You better turn away from it,
Before everything is truly lost,
I know it can be difficult to struggle,
To keep on twisting and fighting,
To keep on going after so long,
How could one thing change your life?
How could changing your course change?
Change everything that you have ever known?
You thought you knew all the answers,
But you are sinking,
Sinking deep,
You cannot see it,
But it snares you,
It’s stealing everything that you really need,
The light though is there,
If you only reach out to grab it,
There’s not much more time left,
You need to make a choice,
Choose which way you are going to go,
Choose if you are going to keep going your way,
Or if you are going His,
We all need redemption,
We all have fallen short in our lives,
No one is perfect,
And everyone that comes to Him,
Can find the true truth and answers,
Can escape any situation you feel is hopeless,
Because it isn’t hopeless to Him,
What is your decision?
Decide before sin completely takes away,
Everything that truly blesses you,
And takes away your true potential,
He has a great plan for you,
But you have to come to Him,
And not let sin be a thief in the night,
Looking to ensnare you forever.
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