Our Challenging World

Our world is facing challenging times,
Especially those with faith in the Lord,
We see our world changing every moment,
With many things that are disheartened,
But we still have the hope in the Lord,
And we still have the prayers that we pray,
And we still have the ability to reach others for Christ,
Everywhere that we look there is another news item,
Of the sin in this world,
And the hurt and pain it is causing our world,
Even though so many are blind by this world,
And believe the lies that they have been told,
Believing that the word of the Lord is behind the times,
And that since our society is changing that we should to,
We face persecution all around us,
Even though many do not believe it,
The things to not be celebrated are celebrated,
And God’s word is being put down,
And God is taken out of every context our nation was built on,
Our world is facing challenging times,
It is in the news everywhere that we look,
But we cannot be disheartened now,
And now is not the time to lay down,
To give up and give in,
And want to walk away from our responsibility,
The one that the Lord gave us as His followers,
We cannot ignore the things around us,
Even though this world will only exist for a little while,
The actions that we take can make a profound change,
And bring more to the Lord a people to call His own,
So, our world maybe going through challenging times,
Times where we truly do need to be on our knees to pray,
And pray that we need to do,
It is time to wake up to what is around us,
And be more faithful on praying for our world,
Through the small and the big things,
To seek His will above anything else,
To speak out for His will and word,
Let us take these moments now,
And pray for these challenging times,
And be a true example of our Lord,
By acting more like Christ,
And by speaking out more instead of the silence,
And to be true to His word,
And if we continue to pray,
Pray for the healing that we need,
Our challenging times can lead to rival,
Like this world has never seen before.
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