Family Hardships

Even though none are perfect,
So many seem to not deal with the hurt and pain,
That seems to steam from mine,
The many hidden secrets,
The lack of communication,
The pride that steams from each person,
And the lack of closeness,
Although I grew up not expecting much,
Most of my life it has always been my mom and I,
And we would joke about us against the world,
But other than my grandmother,
Most of my family wasn’t there often growing up,
Some wasn’t known until I was in Junior High,
As my grandmother gave up the first three of her kids,
And by the that time they had families of their own,
Through the families that adopted them,
Being an only child was rough at times,
Although I had friends,
I never had the experience of a sibling,
My real father never once has claimed me,
And through him I have a half-brother,
The world has been difficult for me,
Looking to see how many had others around them,
Even if it was Uncles or Aunts,
Brothers or sisters,
Cousins or something else,
Luckily my mom and I were close,
But there has been several times I have missed,
Missed having the closeness I have seen in other families,
Missed the love that can be shared,
The conversations that could be heard,
The importance of knowing that you had those bonds,
There was an emptiness that had no words,
Or any emotions that could truly speak,
Of the family hardships in my life,
Through these difficult times,
I made my own family,
Those that I count on,
And see me through life’s troubles,
And I am grateful that God graced me,
With so many people who are near and dear to me,
Including my husband,
And through that my family hardships,
Although still hard and difficult,
Through the family bonds,
That have been made,
It might not be blood,
But it is something,
Something worth fighting for.
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