I Never Meant

I never meant to hurt you,
Even those many years ago,
I never truly knew how much I meant to you,
And I was blinded by those I trusted,
Those that felt you weren’t good for me,
And I wasn’t fully sure what to do,
And I thought that he loved me more than you,
But every conversation I remember even more,
How much I must have meant,
And how I wish I could fix what happened,
But life has gone on,
And we both have changed,
But every day I am grateful,
Grateful to have you in my life,
I never meant to let you go,
Not the way that it happened,
I never wanted to go back on that promise,
That I made you that day you had to go,
I remember looking into your eyes,
And wishing that there was something I could say,
Something I could tell you,
Something to soothe your trouble heart and mind,
I never meant to cause you pain,
That was the last thing I had ever wanted,
Even if you didn’t see it at the time,
I just felt I wasn’t enough,
That the past still haunted you,
That there was nothing I could do to give you,
To give you the peace of mind that you needed,
But now we both know what was going on,
And why you acted toward me the way you did,
But just know this my dear,
I never meant to hurt you,
I cared about you more than you could ever know,
I cared about you even as it felt I ran to an arms of another,
There were many times I regretted my decision,
Wish I would have kept to you and me,
But now that is the past,
But know this my dear,
That no matter what you go through now,
I am here for you,
And although I didn’t always have a perfect track record,
I am here to support you now,
And I still care about you,
And I still enjoy the ease of it all,
The way that it seemed that nothing skipped a beat,
I am glad we found each other again,
And have put aside all those things in the past,
And found a way to forgive the hurts we both caused,
And know we both never really meant to hurt one another,
And that we have each other in our lives again,
As if it was yesterday.
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