Back in the Day

Back in the day we let men be gentlemen,
We let them hold our hands,
Hold our hearts,
Hold the door,
They treated us with respect,
They cared about us,
And didn’t just use us for the next thrill,
Back in the day women weren’t used as objects,
Or just something to have one moment and not the next,
Or just something that didn’t have any value,
Or someone looked at because they were not thin enough,
They were loved through everything,
Cared more about who they are,
Than what they looked like,
Back in the day love was so simple,
There was not so much selfish attitudes,
There was truth in those words spoken,
There wasn’t those that would hurt the one they loved,
Back in the day marriages meant forever,
There was no arguing on what it meant,
It wasn’t meant for something short term,
It was meant for a man and woman forever,
Two people who were there for each other through everything,
Back in the day there was more respect toward others,
People weren’t so cruel to each other,
People didn’t bully the way it happens now,
People didn’t say mean things being raised to be careful how you speak,
There was matters instead of the pain that is given today,
Back in the day life was so much different,
There are some positives of life now,
But if only in terms of how we treated each other,
Could be changed to the way it was before,
When there was more politeness and less rude,
When there was more respect instead of ingratitude,
When there was more goodness and less bad,
We need that desperately in this world of ours,
We need to go back to how things were done,
And how we treated one another,
Back in that day.
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