Dancing With You

Dancing with you,
As we intertwine within space and time,
This moment is something out of a dream,
But the moment is real to us both,
As my heart soars spending this time with you,
I could hold onto you for every moment there is,
And that still wouldn’t be enough time spent with you,
This beauty is something written out of fairytales,
But here it is in front of me,
As you hold me in your arms,
I gaze into your eyes,
Imagining you holding me close and tight,
My heart trembles as I think about you,
This moment is nothing like I have ever experienced,
The natural comfort I feel in your arms,
And in your life,
There is nothing that can truly express,
These words cannot even tell you the truth,
The truth my heart feels at this moment,
Soaring above everything else in the world,
Dancing with you,
Wishing you could truly feel my touch,
As it would graze against your skin,
And I would hold you close to my heart,
Letting no space between us,
Wanting to just keep you near me always,
I have never met anyone else like you,
And the way you make me feel is the best feeling,
I have ever had in my life,
Maybe it is crazy,
Maybe it is soon,
But I want to be with you,
Holding you to my heart,
Holding you to my soul,
Dancing with you like a melody,
That plays within our hearts,
I never expected anything like this,
Not from where we have met,
Not after so much heartache I know we’ve dealt with,
But being with you is so natural,
And I just want to continue to dance with you,
To gaze into those eyes,
To hold you close to my heart,
To hold you forever to me,
You are a dream,
Something I never envisioned,
Or gave chance to,
But here you are dancing with me,
This natural connection,
Something that cannot be explained,
Something that is simple yet pure,
And my heart soars,
As I dance with you,
And I hold you into my arms,
And into my heart,
Giving me something truly beautiful,
Something I will never forget,
As I continue to dance with you always.
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