Molding Our Bodies As One

WARNING:  THIS IS A VERY EROTIC PIECE ADULT CONTENT.  This is one of the most erotic poems I have ever written.  Written for someone special.

Flesh bodies lips and teeth,
Where do I begin and you end?
There is no distance as we meet,
Bodies melded into one,
Taking my breathe away,
As we explore every corner and curve,
As I gaze into your eyes,
My hands roam,
Wanting to caress you in every way,
As I memorize the way you feel,
Stroking with ease,
As I take your manhood into my hand,
Looking at you with a mixture of lust and love,
You return with your lips and mouth,
Making my nipples erect instantly,
As moans of pleasure start,
I begin to stroke you with such ease,
Knowing the buildup has just begun,
I shudder as you move your lips down,
Trailing your fingers as you make your way down,
Never letting go your gaze,
As I know and anticipate the next move,
Yet you linger and tease,
As you add to the warmth and wet,
Than you stroke my wetness with ease,
My back arches as each moan escapes my mouth,
I softly trail my fingers up and down your back,
And massage and rub your manhood in my hand,
Feeling you harden as each stroke and moan,
My hand leaves as you tease your manhood against me,
My pleasure continues to mount up,
As my wetness continues to grow,
My body shudders again,
And you expertly know each way to build me up,
Without losing any control,
Than you slowly enter my wetness,
Taking time and control,
I scream and moan with no words,
You gently hold me close to you,
As you thrust into my being,
Looking at me with deeper love,
As our breathing rapids,
I can’t control myself any longer as I start to cum,
You give me a wicked smile thrusting harder and harder,
I keep focused on you but lose all other control,
Letting my body release like never before,
Feeling the warmth wash completely and utterly over me,
And only than do you lose your control,
As you start to explode,
Letting yourself go,
As your seed and my wetness meets,
We cum so completely together,
As our lips tongues and mouths meet,
We climax and release,
Our bodies hum the tune,
As we hold each other so our flesh completely meets,
Knowing we are one together,
Within every moment of space and time,
And knowing we have just begun,
Molding our bodies as one.
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