Oh where is my heart?
Where is the one to love me?
That loves me deeper than this time and space?
Where is my completion?
The one that makes me whole?
The one who gives all I need?
Where is the one that gives me the feeling?
The one to lift my heart to higher places?
To complete the beauty of a thousand dreams?
To give vision to the faithful witness of my love?
To give dreams and happiness once again in my life?
Where is my heart?
Where is the soul that matches mine?
Where is the dream that I have envisioned since the beginning?
The heart that my life calls my own?
The beauty of fulfillment realized?
The truth of life given by his eyes?
Oh where is that dream?
Where is the happiness I know deep in my heart?
Where is the peace that gives me release?
The soul that knows mine as much as I know his?
The heart that belongs with mine,
The one that tunes into mine in my dreams,
The one that has captured me completely,
Where is my home?
The one that I see every night in my dreams?
The one that has given me so much to believe in,
So much to hope for,
So much to keep dreaming for,
Come home my darling,
Come home to my arms,
And let us build home,
Home with our two hearts forever.
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