My heart feels it’s beating for the first time,
Love springs forth overflowing every corner of my mind,
The world seems bright and new,
A new sense of wonder,
A new sense of hope,
A beautiful dream coming true,
My search is finally over,
You now hold the key,
The key to my heart and soul,
With you I feel whole,
I have finally found home,
Now that I am in your arms,
My life feels reawakened,
Renewed and given new life,
All the pain and hurt magically taken away,
By three simple words of I love you,
You appreciate me like no other,
As our hearts and souls become one,
Every day these emotions and feelings grow,
As our love deepens every day,
Reawakened my life and my dreams,
You inspire me like no other,
You have given me life and dreams,
The universe seems to sing,
As our love grows,
We are now one together,
Both given a new life reawaken by each other,
With beauty and strength like no other,
Everything is possible with you in my life,
I am grateful to have found you,
As you have reawaken things I never thought I feel again,
I love you my forever love.
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