My Heart Floats

My heart floats,
Just being by your side,
Ease of talking to you,
A whisper of sound,
Coming through the words you speak,
Romantics we are in our depth,
Searched so long,
Searched so true,
To find a heart to call home,
Longing for that feeling,
Wanting that bliss,
My heart floats,
As you held me tight,
Conversation flows so simple,
So effortless,
So true,
Melting all the old walls,
That encircled my heart so long,
By just a beautiful simple day,
Spending moments together,
In each setting,
Beauty surrounding us,
But all we see is each other,
My heart floats,
Racing against my chest,
So loud within me,
And then I hear the noise,
Your heart is racing too,
As we encircle each other,
Pulling each other close,
Not wanting to let go,
Letting our bodies embrace each other,
As we mold completely together,
Our story has just started,
As my heart floats,
And I become breathless,
And feel called to your side,
I embrace myself within you,
Wanting to be by your side,
You touch the depth of my heart,
Embraced my soul so effortlessly,
Giving this hopeless romantic something to truly embrace,
To truly hope for,
To truly grab onto,
As my heart floats like never before.
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