You Drew Me into You

You drew me into you,
My body shivered,
As the mere touch of you,
Made my heart beat faster,
You laid out your heart,
As you gazed into my eyes,
I was pulled in so instantly,
As a random moment brought us together,
A connection was formed so quickly,
It started as an instant spark,
Now it’s a burning flame,
My heart has overflowed,
By the mere desire,
You drew me into you,
I was yours that moment,
You kiss me,
And my passion grew,
Diving in the depth,
Before I could react,
My body responds so easily,
Perfect moment after moment,
As you hold me into your body,
Letting your fingers roam,
As your bodies and hearts become one,
The spell was cast as we danced,
Moving in tune with each other,
Bringing happiness that filled my whole body,
As the smile etched on my face,
You run your fingers through every part of me,
I shiver again,
As you drew me into you,
The flame burned brighter,
As our hearts claimed each other,
You drew me into you,
An instant spark,
An instant connection,
An instant feeling of belonging,
Belonging to you and you alone,
Coming into my life when I was not looking,
But before I knew it I was claimed,
Claimed by the words,
Claimed by your being,
Claimed by this feeling,
Claimed by your heart,
Giving me the best emotions,
The best feeling,
The best moments,
As you drew me into you,
And brought me home,
To the depth of your heart.
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