You Put Your Hands on Me

You put your hands on me,
And everything disappears,
I smile with my eyes,
And our lips touch,
I drink in every part of you,
As we grind our bodies together,
You whisper into my ear,
My heart beats fast,
My hands start to roam,
As I slowly massage every part of your body,
I touch every part of you closely and slowly,
Wanting to memorize every part of you,
Wanting to memorize how every part feels,
Wanting to memorize everything about you,
You put your hands on me,
And everything disappears,
All I see is your eyes as you look at me,
All I see is the love we share,
As you hold me close and tight to you,
I want to fill every part of you my darling,
Fill you as you hold and touch every part of me,
Fill you as you breathe in my scent,
Memorizing every part of me,
Memorizing how each part feels,
Memorizing everything about me,
Wanting to take the time,
Wanting to take every moment,
To give a memory to all that I am,
You put your hands on me,
You start to touch my skin softly,
And as you move your hands down,
Touching every curve and surface,
My body reacts to your touch,
Feeling the warmth grow and build,
The touch of you takes away the world,
Takes away all the cares,
Takes away everything else,
All I feel and see is you,
And I caress every curve and surface,
Wanting to get a feel of everything that you are,
When you put your hands on me,
My world feels complete,
Because you are there,
Holding me tight and close,
And never letting go,
Loving me,
Loving me deeply,
Loving me more than anyone else,
Just by holding me close,
I feel safe and warm,
Knowing that I am home,
When you put your hands on me.
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