Almost four years ago,
That day when I first met you,
The day that I first laid my eyes on you,
The moment I saw your face,
I knew that there was going to be no fighting it,
I knew that there was going to be something there,
It was so automatic,
The breath I had was gone in a moment,
The hard emotions I felt before were gone,
I felt hope again after so long,
So many broken promises,
So many broken dreams,
So many broken pieces of my heart,
That has been laying on the floor,
Had been laying out,
And I felt like I couldn’t put it together again,
I had about lost the faith in the one thing,
The one thing I thought I would always have,
The one thing that was part of who I am,
My faith in love,
It was lying in the dark,
It was lying in those broken piece of my heart,
But then there you were,
And my heart seemed brand new again,
My life seemed brighter in an instant,
Emotions started coming back to me,
And the faith I had was reborn,
Through the years we have grown closer,
That automatic faith still is strong,
And has gotten stronger every day,
The love that flows through us now,
Is even stronger than the bud of hope from than,
Every moment I look into your eyes,
And every time we are together,
The automatic feeling lights up once again,
Reminding me of the love I have with you.
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