Complex World

Our world is complex,
Everywhere we look things are changing,
Changing at fast speeds,
Hard to keep up,
Where ever we look technology is changing,
Brand new and faster,
Speed like lightening,
Our world keeps going quickly,
We hardly notice the things around us,
We live in a high profile fast pace world,
A world that is straying,
Straying from the Word of God,
That it was once founded on,
Prayers are not allowed in schools,
God is not talked about,
Even in churches many are turning lukewarm,
People are going against every guideline,
Every command,
Every law,
That God has ever given us,
Wanting to take this part or that part,
But not wanting to go with it all,
Our world is complex,
There are many still fighting for the values,
The values that have been installed in our hearts,
If only we would open them up to Him,
If only we would put down our selfishness,
And fight against our pride,
And look around us more,
Look how blessed we truly are,
Many countries in our world are without,
Without the things that we take for granted,
Food and shelter,
Medicine and clean water,
Many live in worse conditions than we could imagine,
We live in a complex world,
Our world seems to be shrinking in some ways,
But in many ways we keep things apart,
We rather deal with ourselves,
We rather not think of the poor,
We rather not think of those who are sick,
We rather not think about those things,
Those things that we turn a blind eye to,
We believe we need the greatest and biggest thing,
That these things in this world,
The material and temporal are all that is needed,
We do not realize just how spiritual weak we are,
How spiritual hurting we are,
How inside of ourselves we are crying,
Crying for something long lasting,
Something that will truly fill the need,
The need we pretend that does not exist,
The need that gets stuffed down,
To the got to have it now world,
Instead of waiting in patience and hope,
Instead of waiting for Him,
We run ahead in this complex world,
Believing we know best,
When we have no clue,
We keep spinning our wheels,
Like we are going to make a difference,
Not knowing how much damage we are truly doing,
Every time we decide on a way,
A way that is not His,
We are slowly hurting not only ourselves,
But the world we live in today,
We need to stop and breathe,
We need to stop and meditate,
We need to stop and listen,
And stop running with this complex world,
Stop running with those temporary things,
And start turning,
Turning toward the light instead.
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