Forever In My Heart

Forever you have been in my heart,
Since that first time we spoke,
There forged a connection so deep and true,
That through it all I could never let you go,
We been through so much in such a short period of time,
But you are someone I will always care about,
There are never enough words to express,
The emotions and feelings I feel with you,
You touched my heart that first moment,
The moment we had our first conservation,
That moment was when you stole my heart,
Forever you have been in my heart,
Forever you have held on,
Even when everything else has faded away,
Even when you were not in my life,
How I felt was deep within my heart,
Deep within my soul,
Deep within my dreams,
No matter what this life seems to take me,
We keep coming back to this connection,
We keep coming back to each other,
We have tried to stay away from each other,
But we always come back to you and me,
Forever in my heart,
Forever in my soul,
Forever you are in my life darling,
And I can never let you go,
I will always care about you,
You will always be adored,
You will always be loved,
No matter where our lives might lead,
I know that you might not feel fully the same,
But know I am always here for you my darling,
You are always someone special to me,
You are always someone I will adore,
There will never be enough words in this universe,
To truly tell you how much I care about you,
To tell you how much I love you,
To tell you how much you mean to me,
Even through the rough patches we have had,
I knew that somehow we would find a way,
To at least be very good friends,
And I know that life has given us both hardships,
And there has been so many unanswered questions,
But know this my darling,
That no matter where my life will lead,
Or where your life will take you,
I will always care and love you,
Because you are forever my darling,
Forever in my heart,
Where you will always stay,
Through the rest of our days.
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