Can These Words Be Enough

Can these words be enough?
Can you feel the depth of emotion?
The heart that beats quickly?
The love that grows stronger each day?
Colors are brighter in this world,
This world were we exist together,
No grey or gloom can be found,
When there is so much light,
So much hope,
So much grace,
So much beauty,
Can these words be enough?
Can these emotions ever really show you?
How much you truly mean to me?
How much you have given to me?
How much you love I feel with you,
With you I feel safe,
With you I feel warmth,
With you I feel happiness,
So much love and dreams,
Wrapped into the embrace you give me,
Wrapped into the love you show me,
Wrapped into the heart of each of us,
You came into my life so wonderfully,
And as time goes on it continues to grow,
Continues to grow in the depth,
In the depth of this beauty,
In the depth of this love,
Every single day my emotions grow,
As we grow closer together,
With every beat of our heart,
With every beat of our dreams,
With every beat of our beings,
You my darling are my everything,
You are my heart and soul,
My life and dreams,
Can these words be enough?
Can they truly express how I feel?
The true depth of my heart and soul,
You mean the world to me my darling,
And you have given me the world,
And so much more inspiration,
Even during our times apart,
You are in the deepest part of my heart,
The deepest part of my soul,
The deepest part of my being,
You are there my darling in every way needed,
Nothing else matters in this world or life,
Other than the love we have for each other,
And nothing will tear that apart from us,
And I hope that these words,
That these words can be enough,
To show you all the emotions,
All the joy,
All the love,
All the wonder,
That you bring into my life every day.
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