Miles May Separate Us

Miles may separate us,
Time may sometimes hate us,
But love builds the bridge,
That binds us together as one,
Love doesn’t track miles,
Love doesn’t track time,
Love continues to hold on,
Through the rough sea of life,
It holds onto a bond,
It holds onto a promise,
It holds onto the moments,
Even when there is the want,
The need,
The desire of more,
It cements the emotions,
It cements the feeling,
It grabs on tight,
And it doesn’t let go,
Miles may separate us,
But the love we share,
The bond that has been build,
The strength that grows,
Holds onto this feeling,
Our emotions,
Our desires,
This commitment,
Grows stronger every day,
Soon we will make up,
For this sacrifice,
And grow strength on this love even more,
But this I know my darling,
Miles may separate us,
At least in the physical sense,
But you my darling are always here,
Inside the deepest part of my heart,
Right where you belong.
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