I Want To

I want to wake up beside you,
Your strong arms holding me tight,
Keeping me safe and warm,
I want to be beside you as you open,
Those lovely green eyes,
As they gaze into mine,
As you reach and touch my lips,
With soft quivering bliss,
Holding me tightly to you,
You tell me you love me.
And the emotion of your love,
Shines as bright as the sun,
I want to have it so when I awake,
And when I fall asleep,
That you are the one I am holding,
The one I am kissing ,
The one that sets my heart ablaze anew,
Every moment ,
Every single day,
Every time you are with me,
And all the times you are not,
You my darling are my heart,
My true blessing,
My everything in this world,
I want to be there always,
Stand by your side,
And hold on tight,
Every moment,
Every day,
For the rest of our lives.
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