I Want To Be Home

I want to be home,
To be held in those arms,
To look into your eyes,
To forget about everything else,
To kiss those lips,
To be with the one in my dreams,
My heart,
My soul,
I want to be home,
Instead of miles away,
With just a picture in my mind,
Just a vision I grasp onto,
Just the thoughts and dreams,
That play constantly in my head,
To be yours completely,
To be yours fully,
With nothing to separate us,
To hold you truly in my arms,
I want to be home,
Where our lives can truly be one,
Where we can enjoy the love we share,
This unbreakable bond between us,
The circle of our hearts in love,
I want to be home,
Where each day,
Each night,
Each morning,
I awake,
I sleep,
In your arms encircle in you,
Forever smiling in bliss,
Because I would be home.
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