When I Met You

When I met you, you lit a fire,
You set ablaze the quiet ember,
You brought back a passion,
That I once thought gone,
A depth of emotions,
So powerful and true,
Nothing else seems to matter anymore,
All that matters to me is us,
Everything about you is wonderful,
Everything about you melts every part of my heart,
From that very first moment I knew,
You were the missing part,
The missing part from my heart,
My life,
My soul,
My everything,
Everything about us just fits,
When I met you,
You burned a blaze,
Set a fire within my heart,
Turned everything around in my soul,
Turned my life completely to another place,
Changed everything in my life,
Finally made my life feel complete,
You filled what I never knew was truly missing,
Until I met you,
From that first conversation you had me,
You had me in your heart and soul,
And now my darling I will never let you go,
No matter what life may throw our way,
Know this promise that I make to you today,
That you are my heart,
My soul,
My life,
My everything,
And now that you are with me my darling,
I will forever love you,
You are my inspiration,
My dream,
My fire,
My passion,
My flame,
And when I met you,
My heart burned once again,
With the passion it had been missing,
Like it had never burned before.
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