In Sync

Whenever I am with you I never have to feel,
Like I am a burden,
Or unloved,
No I feel more loved than I have ever felt in my life,
With you I feel in sync,
A feeling I have never really felt before,
I thought I felt it before,
But not quite the level I feel now with you,
You never want to change anything about me,
You love me with every breath you take,
You love me for me being me,
You want to be there for me,
We never have any fights,
We never seem to argue,
We have so much in common,
We are both geeks in heart,
Mind and soul,
You make me feel more beautiful,
More special,
More lovely,
Than any other person has before,
You make me cry happy tears,
Because you are by my side,
You are my destiny,
My fate,
I was drawn to you after our first conversation,
You healed every hurt I could have had from the past,
With you I feel I can reach every dream I have ever had,
Because you are by my side,
With you I am in sync,
For the first time in my life,
Truly and fully bonded as one,
You are my inspiration,
My love and heart,
My reality from the darkness,
The darkness that had covered my world,
And tried to block the light,
The light that you have shined,
Shined so perfectly into my life,
Your big heart and love,
Has comforted me,
Has made me whole once again,
Has healed every hurt I ever felt,
Every day that we are together,
I feel even more bliss,
Because we are in sync,
We are one,
We love together so perfectly,
We accept each other effortless,
We belong together,
We are equals,
We want to please each other,
And that is why we are perfect together,
And our souls are in sync.
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