Hidden Truth of PCOS

There is a certain hidden truth about PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome, and that is even if you go to doctors and tell them about certain symptoms that are common for said health issue you can go many years without being actually diagnosed. The sad truth although it is the number one infertility issue in women is there is still not enough exposure, talk, or people really knowing what it is including doctors. Doctors many of times might diagnose with other issues that are not the true heart of the matter such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, and etc which is caused due to having pcos. This personally happened to me I had many of the symptoms of pcos even as young as 12 when I suddenly gained weight as I hit puberty and not due to food issues.

However, all the kids that teased me about my weight only seeing that, not knowing the truth as I didn't know the truth. I would struggle until even my twenties with body image because I was curvier than most people I knew. With the media portrayal, being constantly exposed to how thin was beautiful, and not having certain knowledge it proved difficult for me to be comfortable in my own skin even with being an outgoing person. I would finally accept myself and my curves before knowing about pcos, the diagnosis just put everything I had gone through in a different light.

It is important to not be ashamed of having pcos even with its difficulties. We need to speak more, expose the truth, and cause more awareness. Many women struggle with this issue and we need to be there for them, not blaming but uplift this important issue that affects so many families.

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