As The Wind Blows

Well I have been married for almost 3 weeks and things are going great marriage wise, other wise well let's just say things been interesting and complex all at the same time.

The Good:

- Leslie is now a consultant which makes me a senior consultant
- Had my holiday party, didn't do as good as I wanted in sales but it was a good overall experience for me
- Brendan is doing great as co and Dave the old co is more active again and is a full time role in the guild once again
- Guild weapon auctions are going great, gotten a few weapons so far :)
- We now have 2 cd roms full of wedding pictures which I still need to upload but been really busy with various things such as babysitting, the holiday party preparations, and etc.
- Everything is completely organized, I finally got pictures in David's and my room as of last weekend
- Jim and I get a long pretty well and usually can deal with each other on a day to day basis and helps me watch Tara on the days that I have her.
- I finally got a binder which helps organize most of my Mary Kay stuff and I wrote down some very good goals for myself to sort of help me out better and hopefully do better as well, I even put a contest on my guild to help get the word out more.

The Bad:

- Money issues seem to be the topic of the month. It has gotten our family pretty stressed out and there have been some fights and etc but the fight part has been resolved
- Jim is still looking for work and unfortunately if he doesn't find something soon we will have to make him move out due to not being able to afford to have him around.
- Still got a lot of things to change to the new last name, found out I have to get a copy of our marriage record which costs money and so does changing some of the stuff, which is completely annoying as hell.

Major Goals:

- To sale 200 or more this week
- To make sure to get Leslie and Angela at the meeting this wednesday
- Get enough to do at least an inventory order to get back to a1 active status

Jim has been meeting all my friends and I been trying to help him get a girlfriend. Aren't I a nice sis lmao. Well that's the main stuff for the moment :)
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