I Never Told You (Paul)

I think I got my first ever poetry series started. A friend of mine that use to belong to Paul's writing group use to write these poems that were a part of this "series" so I somewhat blame them but I guess when you get one really good idea for a poetry challenge it can become two or even more :) Here's the second poem of the new I Never Told You Series

I never told you how your melodies
And belief in my voice
Set my spirits and my will free
Giving my sometimes low self esteem
The ability to believe and hope
And that things could change,
I never told you how I couldn’t
Catch my breath when I saw you
Five years after we first met
And how the melodies
Were still simple to make
After so many years,
I never told you that your
Protective nature
Always made me feel safe
Back when childhood days
Weren’t always so easy,
I never told you how much
I valued your friendship
And how your advice that I could hear
Silently in my mind
Always helped me,
You told me never give up my voice,
Never give up my hopes,
Never give up my dreams,
Never to let anyone bring me down,
And to never forget where I came from
Yet to look to the future.
I never told you thank you
My dear musical friend
For all that you did
Especially the voice in my mind
Other than my mom’s
To never give up
No matter what.

Dedicated to Paul
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