Once Upon A Time

Once upon a winter day the snow was falling from the storm,
The icicles had formed around the picturesque landscape,
And around my heart,
The skies seemed to stay cloudy no matter how much sun shined,
But than one day trees seemed greener than before,
A long lost daydream reawakened inside of my heart,
A beautiful love shined inside of my heart,
Slowly I felt the icicles melt around my heart,
Slowly I felt the truth reform inside my soul,
Once upon a time all I could feel was snow and winter,
Rain and pain,
Sadness and hurt,
But than my true soul mate came to me,
It was just like my daydreams,
He came to me,
He said to take his hand,
He said to take his heart,
He said to take his love,
He said to hold on tight,
He said to keep together,
He said we will get through it all,
We will get through anymore rain and pain,
That we will get through anymore sadness and hurt,
That we will get through anything life throws at us,
That we will get through anything,
And so I took his hand,
So I took his heart,
So I took his love,
So I held him tight,
And I put my belief,
Put my belief in us,
Knowing that the long lost daydream was reawakened,
That love was shining again,
From the darkened times.
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