Someone Special

You, my dear have always been someone special,
Someone I often came to with all my hopes and dreams,
Someone I could hold onto and feel your warm hug,
Someone I could see forever happiness in,
Someone who I have known for so long,
Every moment together was like a thousand minutes,
Every moment felt like eternity come true,
We have had our moments of laughing,
Our moments of crying,
Our moments of dreams shattered so true,
Everytime I looked into your very blue eyes I saw a future,
Oh so true,
You have always had the patience whenever I needed someone
You have always filled my day with happiness,
You have always been someone special to me,
I know that many people do not see what I see,
But maybe soon some wonderful person,
Will see what I see in your eyes,
What I see in your dreams,
What I see everytime I look at you,
Just know my love you are always loved,
That you are always someone special,
That you will always hold a special part of me,
Something that no one else could ever hold,
Something that no one else could begin to see,
Something that lies in the deepest part of me,
You, my dear have always been someone special,
Someone special because of the love
I hold inside of me everyday.
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