The Last Call

The stage has been set,
The lights go on brightly,
The camera springs into action,
The cast take their places,
They have been through the rehearsal,
They want this to be a huge success,
The director looks on,
Everything suddenly becomes so quiet,
The beautiful leading lady takes her place,
The handsome co-star comes onto the crew last,
She has been waiting for this moment,
For the movie to begin,
A movie that wasn’t a movie at all,
But instead a reality comes true,
A reality that has been in her daydreams,
The moment of bliss she has been searching for,
She looks upon her hands
And sees him holding them tight,
And she takes a deep breath,
And she holds onto his hand,
And she looks into his heart,
And she knows that this is meant to be,
And she exits the stage,
And let’s the lights go down,
She doesn’t need the cameras,
She doesn’t need the rehearsals,
She doesn’t need the director,
No she doesn’t need it anymore,
She will no longer have to play a part,
She will no longer have to keep on searching,
Searching for that right person to play the part,
To play the part of her love,
The love of her heart.
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