Love Of A Lifetime

She turns and watches him turn on the music,
And set the table with fresh flowers,
And light the candles one by one,
Dinner is set out so carefully,
Wine glasses have had wine poured,
She looks deep into his eyes wondering,
What is on his mind tonight?
He invites her to sit next to him on the sofa,
And he holds her close to snuggle,
And he hears him whisper I love you,
And her eyes light up,
She’s waited so long for this moment,
As their favorite song plays,
He looks deep into her eyes,
And tells him what’s in his heart,
He tells her how much he loves her,
He tells her how much he’s always have loved her,
He tells her how she’s always been there for him,
As a lover,
As a friend,
She’s been everything he’s ever wanted,
She’s been everything he’s ever needed,
She’s been everything in the world he could have asked for,
She’s been the one,
Who’s been patient,
Even when it broke her heart,
She stood by him through everything,
Through the pain he dealt with through so many others,
She never stopped loving him,
She always told him the truth,
She always had been there,
He tells her he’s sorry,
That he made her wait so long,
That he knew he didn’t make it easy,
For her to always be so strong,
She tells him she would have still done it,
All over again if she had to,
Just to prove how much she loved him,
To prove to him that she honestly cared,
To prove to him that she honestly loved him,
She would never push him away,
She would never think twice,
She had always loved him,
Since the first moment he looked into her eyes,
She knew that he was the one,
He was the one that always brought that spark,
He was the one that give her faith in love again,
She told him it was worth the wait,
The wait for a love of a lifetime,
And he looked into her eyes again,
And he asked the question that was on her mind,
He asked her will you be mine,
Will you be mine forever,
She looked into his beautiful blue eyes,
The ones she loved for so long,
And she said yes my dear,
I will be yours,
I have always been yours,
And I always will be.
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