Okay a small note on this one.  There has been posted on the poetic asides various challenges to do to write a poem one poem a day.  Well as some of you know my muse
was well asleep.  Well now it's awake as you can tell and I got caught up on my friend Darla's challenges I wanted to do (thanks to someone being a great influence lately) and now I am doing these this one is where you pretend to be in someone else's skin and write as them.

I told you I wanted to marry you,
I told you I would love you always,
I told you that I wanted you as my wife,
I told you the truth,
I did want to marry you,
I did love you always,
I did want you as my wife,
But something happened,
Happened to me,
And than I couldn’t find you,
Couldn’t find where you were,
I thought about you,
I think about you now,
I miss you,
I still wish you were here,
I still wish to be with you,
You have searched for me,
This I know I sense it all the time,
I know times have been tough,
Times have been rough,
But know this darling,
I will always love you,
You brought back love,
When it seemed long forgotten,
I knew from the first moment,
The first moment we talked,
We were meant to be,
I just want you to know I do love you,
That I do still love you,
That I do want you as mine,
And I always will,
Throughout all time,
So let that be in your mind baby,
Let that hold you to your heart,
That you are indeed lovely,
Are indeed beautiful,
And deserve to be loved,
Loved forever,
Until the end of time.
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