A Reason To Believe In Love

Often I have wondered,
If true love was truly meant to be,
I had found so many times wishing,
And wanting more,
For something,
A reason to believe,
A reason to believe in love,
A reason to believe in true love,
A reason to believe in hope,
A reason to believe in faith,
A reason to believe,
In something beyond what I have felt,
Something beyond what I have had,
Something beyond what I could have,
But it always seemed so far,
So far in the distance,
So far in the horizon,
So far,
Until one day,
One day I saw you,
One day I talked to you,
One day I felt something starting to form,
Something forming that was stronger,
Stronger than I could ever have believed in,
Believed that could be,
Could be with me,
One day I found you,
And you changed my life,
Changed my life forever,
Changed my life completely,
Changed everything,
Everything in my life,
Because I found you,
I found my true love,
I found my soul mate,
I found the reason to believe,
Believe in hope,
Believe in dreams,
Believe in love again.
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