Every Moment With You

We started out as friends,
And than we couldn’t deny how close we have become,
The desire was overwhelming,
The attraction seemed to grow overnight,
I knew quickly I wanted to kiss you,
I knew that I wanted to become your lover,
I wanted us to be the perfect couple,
Always wanting,
Always needing,
Always caressing,
Always knowing that we were lovers
As well as friends,
That our love grows with every passing moment,
Every moment I wanted you,
More and more,
Than I ever wanted anyone before,
I wanted you with my whole heart,
My whole soul,
My whole body,
With everything,
I could feel my body aching,
Aching for you,
For your touch,
Your caress,
Your kisses,
Your lips against mine,
Your body against my body,
Your soul intertwined,
We started as friends,
But it has turned into something so much more,
Something I never thought of,
Something I have always wanted,
I have been looking for my soul mate,
And you have been looking for yours,
And the moment I looked into your eyes,
I knew,
I knew that all the waiting had been worth it,
That all the heart break was worth it,
That every moment of pain,
Every moment of tears,
Every moment of the rain,
Was worth it for this moment,
This moment of completeness,
This moment of eternity,
This moment with you.
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