Soulmate In Disguise

You come out of the mist through the dark night,
You had dark deep eyes,
Ones that held me into enchantment,
You were a stranger,
I had never met you before,
But all the sudden I am drawn to you,
Drawn to the unknown
I want to pursuit a lifetime with you,
Until every dawn,
Until every dawn to the end,
To the very last moment,
The last time I take a breathe,
You came out of the mist,
Through the dark night,
Your deep dark eyes drew me,
You held me into enchantment,
You were a stranger,
But I felt like I knew you before,
You knew me more than any other person,
You knew how to make me smile,
You knew how to touch my soul,
You knew how to do everything right,
You knew everything,
Without having to try,
Because you were the one,
The one I have been waiting for,
You are my soul mate,
My soul mate disguised.
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