Every Time We Touch

Every time we touch my desire is stirred,
Even if it is just a light touch on my arm,
Or just having your arms around me,
From the first moment we touched my heart,
My soul,
My body melted,
This desire is awakened by just your touch,
Even when my mind isn’t on our love making,
I get this sense of ardor just by looking into your eyes,
I am never overwhelmed by this desire,
I enjoy every moment of it,
And the way your tenderness sets my soul at ease,
Just the way you look at me,
Just the way you touch me,
Just the way you are to me,
Makes my very body excited,
It never takes much,
Just one touch and I am stimulated,
I have never dealt with this before,
I never had this sort of high,
This sort of rush,
It’s a wonderful new experience,
One I will never let go,
I will never stop loving you,
I will never stop wanting you,
You are everything made flesh,
The dreams,
The hope,
The meant to be,
Although I wish you were in my life sooner,
You are here now,
You make my life better,
Just by holding me in your arms,
Every time we touch my desire is stirred,
My wanting you grows ever so strong,
It doesn’t have to be sexual,
Just seeing you,
Just looking into your eyes,
Falling in love with you even more,
Falling deeper,
Deeper as we go,
The feeling getting stronger every day,
The connection growing,
The glow becoming brighter,
And I know I found my true love,
My true soul mate,
The other part of me,
Every time we touch my desire is stirred,
And I know without a doubt,
That this is the one,
That you are mine,
That this love is meant to be,
And will always be forever more.
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